Gas, Electric or Induction?

Gas, Electric or Induction?

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Building a Home, Buying a Home

We’ve said it before – there are a lot of decisions when it comes to building a home! Today we want to talk about appliances, specifically your . Your cooktop or range is used a lot so you’ll want to choose one that suits you best.

For a long time, the choice was either electric or gas but over the years induction has become a popular third option.

Gas cooktops give you instant heat, turn it on and your pan will be hot in seconds. This goes for raising or lowering the temperature while you cook which gives you more precise control. You can use any type of pan with a gas cooktop and overall they’re fairly inexpensive to operate.

Electric ranges are often the cheapest solution, but the biggest downside is a slow change in heat. You have to wait for them to heat up which means changes in temperature will happen slower as well – giving you less precision in terms of cooking temperatures. Ceramic cooktops are one flat surface, so they’re easy to clean but repairs can be quite costly.

Induction cooktops are efficient. Below each cooking zone is a coil of metal that an alternating current flows through producing a magnetic field when the power is turned on. If there is no pan on the cooking zone then no heat is produced. Once a pan that contains iron (stainless steel with a magnetic grade base, cast iron, or black metal) is placed on the cooking zone, heat is produced. There’s no wasted energy and pans heat up quickly, but induction cooktops are often more expensive and you’ll need to ensure your cookware is compatible or budget to purchase new pots and pans.

Ask friends and family what they like or dislike about their cooktop. Ultimately the choice depends on your budget and cooking style.